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Gazing at the world of Taisho Roman through a hedge of roses


SōBidō (meaning "temple of roses") is a new bakery in Atami that specialises in selling baked goods made with edible roses. It is the latest venture by Tysons & Company, one of the leading restaurateurs in Tokyo behind venues such as breadworks, Ivy Place and Cicada.

With the target audience firmly set among the image-conscious Gen Z, the brief was to create branding with a distinct vintage feel; an aesthetic that hails back to a time before craftsmanship was overtaken by mass production. The mastery of craft with SoBiDo lies in their ingenious use of rose-infused flavours with their pastries, donuts and frozen desserts.

With the aim of communicating SoBiDo’s dedication in using this unique ingredient, we created a rose-tinted world embellished in an intricate hand-drawn pattern of rose bushes, that is scalable across a wide range of products. Taking cues from the Art Deco-inspired Taisho Roman, symmetry is used across variations of the pattern. The logo is also hand-drawn in the traditional kanji characters, and set in a vertical orientation to reinforce the nostalgia associated with the brand.

バラの寺を意味する「薔薇堂(そうびどう)」は、熱海に新規オープンした食用バラを使った焼き菓子やパンを販売するベーカリー。「breadworks(ブレッドワークス)」や「Ivy Place(アイヴィープレイス)」、「Cicada(シカダ)」など、都内有数のレストランを運営する「Tysons & Company(タイソンズアンドカンパニー)」が新たに手掛けた。