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Going to town in print. Embracing the joy of tactility in paper and ink.


Business cards are considered to be an essential extension of the holder’s identity in Japan. Nothing says diligence and sincerity like having one’s name solemnly printed against a white background on uncoated paper. Sometimes, though, you want to revel in lavish colours and opulent finishes––to simply stand out from the crowd.

Our business cards are printed on special Fantas paper with two types of foil-blocking as well as gilt-edging, hot-stamping and varnishing. These quirky cards never fail to garner oohs and ahhs from our clients, so with our 2020 New Years greeting cards we once again went to town in print, this time on Esprit V Emboss paper. Both cards have matching tones to be sent out as a set. Special thanks to our trusted friends at Taiyo Printing for their precise execution, in spite of nearly having nervous breakdowns due to the technical hurdles!