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Exploring the hidden art through the eyes of Private Collectors


WHAT (Warehouse of Art Terrada) is an experimental museum dedicated to showcasing art works owned by private collectors. The concept was initiated by Warehouse Terrada, whose clients are some of the most renowned collectors of fine art from across the globe. Their impressive array of rare pieces were sealed behind the vaulted doors of Terrada’s art storage, never to see the light of day, until today. Tasked to create a complete branding for this ambitious museum, we first created the logo with overlaid elements to covey an idea that their art is shrouded in mystery, while the bold use of black and white lets the art to take the centre stage.

世界の著名な現代アートコレクターを顧客に持つ寺田倉庫が手掛けた、個人蔵の美術品を展示する美術館「WHAT(Warehouse of Art TERRADA)」。寺田倉庫の美術品倉庫に眠る貴重なアートの数々を公開する同美術館のブランディング全般を担当。「倉庫を開放、普段見られないアートを覗き見する」というコンセプトを受け、白と黒の大胆なデザインで、アートが主役となるロゴを作った。